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We can handle small or large projects. Our team is certified and can operate off or onsite.


We carry all the machines necessary for your project, including a CNC plasma machine and milling machines.

Cabinet Sandblasting

Our mixed media cabinet sandblaster can remove the paint or rust from your tool or part.

Mobile Welding

Need welding work on a machine too costly to move? We can come to your location and weld on the spot.

Metal Art

Looking for a decorative metal piece? We make custom metal designs and sculptures with your vision.

Metal Art and Sculptures

Courtney Machine & Repair LTD. is not only proficient at pre-fabricated welding work; we are also capable of high quality metal art and sculpture work. Are you looking for a unique art piece to enrich your home or business? We can create a custom design based upon your desired specifications that will change the look and feel of any space.

We have experience working with different metals and have made everything from signage to metal garden flowers and larger sculpture projects.

Take a look through our gallery and feel free to contact us if you would be interested in metal art. We can utilize comparison pictures to create a design, replicate a design from our gallery, or plan a design around your input and creativity. The choice is up to you.